The Hanging of Tom Brown

A Civil Rights Odyssey

Testimonials: What Others Are Saying About the CD

Maureen B, StorytellerDear Jim,
I finished both CD's and am still as "blown away" as I was when I first heard you tell the initial story at the FSA camp in 2012. You are living history, and I am so glad you have finally agreed to share your very personal story with the world. I was particularly moved to thought by your conclusion.

Doing the "right thing" is always colored by the time in which a choice is made. The people who traveled with you did so by making their own choices, based on what they held dear in their hearts. I feel blessed to have heard you tell the stories. Struggles still continue, and I pray with you that people who want a better life find the moral, ethical means to do so.

Maureen Belote

Maureen B., Storyteller
"Truth, Lies, & Twinkling Irish Eyes"


"Amazing story that needs to be heard and appreciated.  I am glad to have heard the stories first hand!"

Garry Paxinos


Hi Jim,

"Your story is an American odyssey.   It is one of the most powerful stories I have heard. The story of Ulysses does not move me the way yours did. It is hard to believe such evil existed and  thank goodness you and others like you had the courage to stand up. I feel sad for the friends you lost but glad of their courage and yours. This is wonderful work.


Jay O'Callahan